KODAK portfolio programme

Kodak Unique HD 13-19 variable
High definition tailor-made progressive Freeform Maximise performance with Anti-Fatigue technology

Kodak Unique MonitorView Occupational
Freeform – High Definition. Best-rated lens tailor-made to a working distance of 61cm

Kodak Easy Std / Sht Freeform
“available soon” Higher more dominent reading area with quick smooth eye movement to reading zones, features all the benifits of the award winning Precise design

Kodak Precise 17 Traditional
Award Winning 6th generation design

Kodak Precise PB 17 PB Freeform
Great design using backside processing

Kodak Precise 17 Digital Atoric
Bi Aspheric technology corrects design changes due to higher powers and cyls. Best-Rated Lens

Kodak Precise 13 Traditional
Comfortable short corridor

Kodak Precise PB 13 Freeform
Comfortable design using backside processing

Kodak Precise 13 Digital Atoric
Bi Aspheric technology incorporated in a short corridor progressive Kodak Concise 14 Popular design with wider reading area

Kodak Concise 14
Digital Atoric Bi Aspheric technology to maximise the wider reading area

You Can Use any material or option listed Plastics from 1.49 to 1.74, Trivex, Polycarbonate Hardcoated TLC, Transitions, Polarised, NXT SunWearAdvantages.

Terms & Conditions
* Warranty is fully covered & managed by Clarity 2020.
* NZ Kodak Distributors will cover the cost for the initial 12 months of each warranty when using Kodak PAL – fitted at our laboratory
* Practices receiving discounts from NZ Kodak Distributors must advise their intention to participate in this warranty offer
* Practice will gain a beneficial adjustment for this promotion
* When ordering list KODAK PALs LENS CODE on the order, you will be sent a numbered tag on job completion to enter with your Warranty application. This will cover 12 months payment * All other conditions and warranty training will be offered by Clarity by 20/20 warranty.

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