The 3 Step Programme for Choosing Frames

Finding the right frame is both a practical and aesthetic endeavor. They need to feel comfortable, look good, and fit with both your personality and lifestyle. They need to complement your colouring, face shape and hair, in addition to helping you see. Finding the perfect frame often becomes a long and somewhat difficult process – so we have broken it down for you:

Face Shape
This should be considered first – the shape of your face directly affects what frames will look better on you. Most significantly, it is about maintaining a sense of balance. Those with a longer face may choose a slightly wider frame, with heavier top. Square face shapes should consider frames that have rounder corners while heart-shaped faces should opt towards squarer frames. If you have an oval face, you can take your pick, as the oval shape generally suits most frames.

As frames come in a multitude shades and patterns, it will also help to know what will have a better chance of looking nice on you. Blonde hair suits greens, blues or light-coloured metals. Auburn hair colours work well with gold or green frames that accentuate skin tone. Lighter hair and pale skin will suit light coloured metals and bronze. Those with dark hair should opt towards silver, gold and warm simple shades. Consider what will work with your wardrobe and accessories. If you will need them everyday – choose a colour or pattern that is relatively versatile – i.e. dark brown or silver as opposed to fluorescent pink.

Fashion trends come and go, and especially for frames, there is not always just one trend to look towards. However, it is important to choose a well designed, well made, and modern frame as these are always in style. Out of date and old fashioned designs will consequently make you look out of date and old fashioned. In addition, the newer frame designs, as well as looking better, tend to be made from improved materials and will protect your lenses. Use fashion trends as guidelines but buy the frame that you yourself like the best, not the one everyone says is best.

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